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Information on D

General information on component code

SMD code Date: 28 Jul 1995

Conventional equivalent:

SMD code D1 = BCW31
Conventional equivalent: BC108A / BC548A

SMD code D2 = BCW32
Conventional equivalent: BC108A / BC548A

SMD code D3 = BCW33
Conventional equivalent: BC108C / BC548C

SMD code D6 = MMBC1622D6
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code D7 = MMBC1622D7
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code D8 = BCF33
Conventional equivalent: BC549C / BCY58 / MMBC1622D8

SMD code DA = BCW67A
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code DB = BCW67B
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code DE = BFN18
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code DF = BCW68F
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code DG = BCW68G
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code DH = BFN19
Conventional equivalent: -

SMD code D = 2SA1037AKLS (SMT Pack L=2.9mm W=2.9mm)

SMD code D = 1SS376 (ROHM)

SMD code D0 = HSMP-3800 (HP)

SMD code D1 = BCW31

SMD code D2 = BCW32

SMD code D2 = HSMP-3802 (HP)

SMD code D3 = BCW33

SMD code D3E = RB411D (ROHM)

SMD code D4 = BCW31R

SMD code D4 = HSMP-3804 (HP)

SMD code D5 = BCW32R

SMD code D58 = FLLD258 (Zetex)

SMD code D6 = BCW33R

SMD code D63 = FLLD263 (Zetex)

SMD code D7 = BCF32

SMD code D76 = BAR18 (ST)

SMD code D77 = BCF32R

SMD code D8 = BCF33

SMD code D81 = BCF33R

SMD code D91 = BCV61

SMD code D94 = BAR42 (ST)

SMD code D95 = BAR43 (ST)

SMD code D96 = BAS70-04 (ST)

SMD code DA = BF622

SMD code DA5 = BAR43S (ST)

SMD code DB = BF623

SMD code DB1 = BAR43A (ST)

SMD code DB2 = BAR43C (ST)

SMD code DC = BF620

SMD code DF = BF621

SMD code DH = BCW68GLT1 (MOT)

Component data

DAC08E D/A Converter

DG212 Quad analog switch
DIL16 case

DB3 Diac P=150mW IBO=100uA IB=10uA VBO=32V
DO35 package

DB4 Diac P=150mW IBO=100uA IB=10uA VBO=40V
DO35 package

CR2032, DL2032, L2032, BR2332, ECR2032, 2032, EA2032C, LF1/2V, L14, BR2032, 2332, SB-T15
Lithium Button Cell 3V

D, KD, MN1300, LR20, E95, 4050, AM1, MONO
Round battery known commonly with name D, 1.5V, 14000 mAH alkaline, diameter 33 mm, length 58 mm, weight 135 g

5V and 12V RS-232 2 Drivers, 2 Receivers 14 Pin PDIP

5V and 12V RS-232 2 Drivers, 2 Receivers 16 Pin SOIC

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    Pinout information

    4N29 4N32 4N33
    1488, 75188
    TTL to RS232 level shifter.
    The outputs are at RS-232 levels, and sometimes are connected to ground
    through a small capacitor (up to 470 pF) to reduce slew-rate.
    Note that 1B is missing (and can be taken to be 1 at all times).
    Usually VDD=+12 and VEE=-12.
        +---+  +---+          +---+---+-----+
    VEE |1  +--+ 14| VDD      | A | B I  Y  |
     1A |2       13| 4A       +===+===+=====+
     1Y |3       12| 4B       | 0 | 0 I VDD |
     2A |4  1488 11| 4Y       | 0 | 1 I VDD |
     2B |5       10| 3A       | 1 | 0 I VDD |
     2Y |6        9| 3B       | 1 | 1 I VEE |
    GND |7        8| 3Y       +---+---+-----+
    1489, 75189
    RS232 to TTL level shifter.
    A inputs are RS232-level inputs, C inputs are response control, a TTL
    signal which could be used to adjust threshhold and hysteresis but is
    generally unnecessary and unused. It is often tied through a 300 - 470 pF
    capacitor to ground.
        +---+  +---+
     1A |1  +--+ 14| VCC
     1C |2       13| 4A
     1Y |3       12| 4C
     2A |4  1489 11| 4Y
     2C |5       10| 3A
     2Y |6        9| 3C
    GND |7        8| 3Y
    This pinout is from GIICM
    4N33, ECG3083
    Optoisolater with split Darlington output.  
    Vcc = 18 V max., 8 pin DIP.
    Pin 1: NC
    Pin 2: LED Anode
    Pin 3: LED Cathode
    Pin 4: NC
    Pin 5: Gnd/Q2 Emitter
    Pin 6: Q2 Collector
    Pin 7: Q1 Emitter/Q2 Base
    Pin 8: Vcc/PD Anode/Q1 collector.

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    Cross reference data

    D KD MN1300 LR20 E95 4050 AM1 MONO CR2032 DL2032 L2032 BR2332 ECR2032 2032 EA2032C LF1/2V L14 BR2032 2332 SB-T15 D KD MN1300 LR20 E95 4050 AM1 MONO # IC Data from http AD231AQ SP231ACP

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