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Tips on repairing and testing audio cables

For broken cables in general have two gategories:

Suspect cables are ones that have acted flakey at a gig. Those are marked suspect. Just rip them out and replace the cables rather than take the time to figure out which cable is bad. Use suspect cables only in low impact positions, and if I have time, troubleshoot & repair them. If it gives me a problem again, it goes into the bad pile.

When bad pile get too big then you can take a look at it. A good test and repair method is to cut off both ends about 10-20 inches, then examine the remaining cable for cuts, scrapes, crushing, melting, whatever.

For things like mike cables, patch cords, and the like, I apply a simple test, how long to fix it and will the fixing cost more than buying a brand new cable. For short stuff the answer is usually toss it in the junk pile.

Tomi Engdahl <Tomi.Engdahl@iki.fi>