Phosphor decay times in computer monitors

Phosphor characteristics differ somewhat even within a given designation such as "P22", depending on the specific manufacturer's mix. But in general, the P22 color phosphors have decay times (to <10% original light output) of well under 100 microseconds for the blue and green, and a few hundred microseconds or so for the red.

There have been some longer persistence P22 mixes, maybe to a max of a millisecond or more on the red. FYI, the "medium-short" persistence description is supposed to be applied to phosphors with a decay time in the range of 10 usec to 1 msec.

There have been MUCH longer-persistence monochrome phosphors, with probably the classic being the old "radar" screen P-7 yellow-green, with a decay time measured in SECONDS.

The EIA used to maintain a registry of phosphor characteristics, but I don't know if this is still kept up.

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