Mains surge suppressor

The following circuit is a schematic of mains surge suppressor circuit manufactured by Str÷mfors and sold undel model name "Ahstrom Transienttisuoja 23 386". It is designed for protecting sensitive electronic devices agains overvoltage transients in normal mains voltage. The circuit is designed for use in Finland where the mains voltage is 230V AC and the maximum fuse size for mains connector group is 16A. The surge protector is connected between main outlet and the equipment to be protected. The protector handles ˇnly the overvoltage between live and neutral wires (no common mode surge protection). This surge protector is suitable to be used with both grounded and non-grounded wall outlets.

Here is the technical specs from manufacturers sheet:

Operation voltage      230 V AC
Max. Operation current 16 A
Max. group fuse size   16 A
Cutting voltage (0,2/50 microsecond pulse)              850 V @ 80 A
Max. current pulse (8/20 microsecond pulse, 10 pulses)  2000 A

And here is the schematic of the surge protector:

The circuit is quite basic surge suppression circuit which consists of VRD and gas surge suppressor connected in series. The protection circuit is connected between live and mains leads.