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Software testing

Testing software sucks. However, it is not the worst part of being a Software Engineer; that seat is taken by documentation. Which is why a lot of open source software documentation is horrifically bad. This is an ongoing problem with Linux as most open source developers won’t pay technical writers to polish their documentation. Study:

Free energy batteries?

Oh, batteries. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Then I saw some news on this field. Potatoes May Power The Batteries Of The Future article tells about a potato powered battery. It promises to be simple, sustainable, robust device can potentially provide an immediate inexpensive solution to electricity needs in parts of the

Power line networking problems

Power-line networking has been increasing in popularity at some areas but the success does not become without problem. Power line tech could crash aircraft and shut down the Archers article says that an extensive study commissioned by Ofcom concludes that power line networking could crash airplanes and block Radio 4 in UK. According to the