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Robot videos

Here are two interesting to look at robotics articles with video for this Friday: Basketball-Playing Robot Seals Will Rule Us All One Day shows a basketball-playing robot sea. This is a robot seal that can sink baskets at a 99 percent clip to a moving target basket. Google’s self-driving cars take TED attendees for a

Star-Quad Cable in test

Are Star-Quad is well known in the audio industry as a good cable construction to use in demanding environments because its superior handling of EMI. And that reputation is based in science; the Canare document, for example, contains lots of claims which can be tested objectively, and all those claims are rooted in physics-based (reality-based)

Audio crossfader

The DJ mixer crossfader was originally developed as a control for implementing smooth fades from one program source to another, but where did the idea come from? Evolution of the DJ Crossfader article tells the history and development of crossfader in DJ mixers.