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Fractals without a Computer!

A fractal is a figure with a self-similar pattern. Usually the fractals are calculated with a computer, but is is possible to produce Fractals without a Computer! It’s very cool – partly because it looks neat, but also partly because it shows you something important about fractals. Optical video feedback is a well-known phenomenon. If

Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Google announced on Tuesday a new feature of the Android operating system called Android @ Home. This framework and associated functions promise to transform an Android device into a home automation controller that connects and directs all of the devices and appliances in the user’s home: gaming consoles, lighting, appliances, irrigations systems and anything else

Article on Android

Prosessori magazine just published my article on Android mobile operating system in it’s newest 05/2011 issue. The article is written in Finnish and now available only on printed magazine (later available on-line for subscribers). The Android links to products and resources mentioned on the article are available on-line on Prosessori web pages, check them out.

USB stick PC for $25

Game developer David Braben creates a USB stick PC for $25 article tells about an interesting project from Raspberry Pi Foundation. The idea is to a manufacture a very low cost PC that can be given to kids for free and courses built up around their use. Braben has developed a tiny USB stick PC

UT-81B multimeter/oscilloscope

UT81B from Uni-Trend is a scopemeter. It is a multimeter with some basic oscilloscope functions. This multimeter can measure what you expect from a normal multimeter: DC V up to 1000V, AC up to 750V, resistance up to 40Mohm, frequency up to 10MHz, capacitance 100uF, AC/DC current 10A (and of course it has also a

Quick edit mode in Windows shell

Quick edit mode allows one to use the mouse to select text, cut, copy and paste in command shell. This is very useful. Something I have used to do on Linux shell and wondered why I can’t do the same easily on Windows command shell. This mode is not enabled by default in Windos, although