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iPad 3 4G Teardown

Is it “The New iPad?” “iPad HD?” “iPad 3?” Who cares? All we know is this: It’s here! iPad 3 4G Teardown In this video ifixit crew covers the biggest changes to the new iPad, including the fancy-pants 2048×1536 Retina Display, A5X system on a chip processor, updated 42.5 watt-hour battery and 5 megapixel HD

The EE Rap

The EE Rap is music on electronics. When I first opened I thought this going “this is gonna be awful”. I was pleasantly surprised. Lyrics is all about electronics engineering.

Amazon Cloud size and details

How many servers does it take to power Amazon’s huge cloud computing operation? Like many large Internet companies, Amazon doesn’t disclose details of its infrastructure. Estimate: Amazon Cloud Backed by 450,000 Servers article tells that a researcher from Accenture Technology Labs estimates that Amazon Web Services is using at least 454,400 servers in seven data

LEGO compatible USB hub

I bought some time ago High Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub (White) from Dealextreme. The main reason for buying that was need for USB hub and the LEGO like design of this HUB, also the price was very reasonable ($5.30). The computers (Vista and XP) detected the device well. It was just plug and play

Improved laptop grounding idea

Many laptops are pretty well known for having terrible audio interfaces. There are usually noise and grounding issues. A recent post Yet Another Dell Laptop Audio Grounding Problem blog posting documents a well known and horrendous audio problem found on many Dell laptops. I have faced similar noise problems also on other laptops as well.

Wearable Fabric Could Power Your iPhone?

Wearable Fabric Could Power Your iPhone and Power Felt gives a charge articles tell that a lightweight, flexible thermoelectric fabric called Power Felt could generate enough electricity from body heat to power a small electronic device, like an iPod, or iPhone. The Power Felt fabric, composed of carbon nanotube/polymer thin films, was developed by a

Human reaction to radiowaves

Humans seem to be more sensitive to be more sensitive to weak very high frequency field than what I have believed. According to research presented in academic dissertationSpontaneous movements of hands in gradients of weak VHF electromagnetic fields concludes that spontaneous hand movement reactions occurred as a response of the human body to the gradients

How I'm Being Followed on Web

I’m Being Followed: How Google—and 104 Other Companies—Are Tracking Me on the Web is a voyage into the invisible business that funds the web. Who are these companies and what do they want from me? Even if you’re generally familiar with the idea of data collection for targeted advertising, the number and variety of these