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Raspberry Pi 2.0

Raspberry Pi 2.0 ready to ship article says that a new version of the Raspberry Pi has made its way into distribution channels. Revision 2.0 boards, as the new model is known, don’t feature any substantive changes. All the changes are detailed in Upcoming board revision blog posting. The new board version incorporates some changes

Incandescent lamps ban in EU

Ban on incandescent lamps is progressing. Say goodbye to incandescent lamps – soon they are no longer visible in stores. Incandescent light bulb ban has progressed gradually. As early as September last year, the 60-watt incandescent bulbs were banned. The manufacturing of 40W and the weaker light bulbs in the manufacture and importation of the

Firefox 15: Type error: Can't access dead object

I upgraded to Firefox 15 and got an annoying error: I keep getting annoying often “Type error: Can’t access dead object” errors. That message is displayed endlessly after using many web pages and closing their tab. After some Googling I found page that tells that Drag & Drop upload extension could be the cause.

Power factor correction devices

Power factor correction devices: Can they really reduce your electricity bill? article tells that so-called “Power Saver Devices” (known by different names) are nothing but Power Factor Correction (PFC) devices that would connect to the mains and improve power factor measured by your electricity meter. The so-called “Power Saving” device may be useful for industrial