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HDMI HDCP hacking

HDMI uses copy protection system called HDCP. And I have know for some years that HDMI copy protection broken. But based on recent information that has popped out it seems that it is even more broken that I thought that it was. Hackaday tells that HDMI breakout lets you sniff HDCP crypto keys and points

Understanding Ajax vulnerabilities

Understanding Ajax vulnerabilities article is an introduction how to protect the web applications you create with Ajax. Because of its range of functions and ease of use, Ajax is one of the most widely used tools for building web applications today. All applications, including those built using Ajax technologies, are vulnerable to exploits that compromise

Tear-Down of an HP ProCurve 2824 Ethernet Switch

Cracking open a 24-port switch so you don’t have to posting at Hackaday point to an article Tear-Down of an HP ProCurve 2824 Ethernet Switch that is worth to check out for everybody interested in device tear-downs and Ethernet. Tear-Down of an HP ProCurve 2824 Ethernet Switch article shows you the technology inside a managed

Electrical field and RF meter

I wrote last week about EMF measurements. Here is more information on the DT-1180 2.3″ LCD Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Detector I used for electrical field measurements. DT-1180 2.3″ LCD Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is a meter designed for electric fields and RF field measurements. DT-1180 2.3″ LCD Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Detector measures low frequency electrical

Friday Fun: Regular expression crossword

Programmers often say that regular expressions are fun … I can say that they can be fun or annoying depending on case. Now you can try regular expression fun in a completely new way: Try your hand at a regular expression crossword. This is a very hard crossword puzzle you solve by interpreting regular expressions.

Underground power line feasibility

Should the power wires be overhead or underground? Underground power line feasibility article talks on the feasibility on using underground lines instead of overhead lines. Both underground and overhead lines have their good and bad properties. Burying power lines is not cheap, it is said the cost would be $1M per mile to convert existing

Balanced Line Technology

Balanced inputs and outputs have been used for many years in professional audio, but profound misconceptions about their operation and effectiveness still survive. Conventional wisdom about them is sometimes wrong. Balanced Line Technology web page gives you a good look at the balanced line technology in audio applications. The balanced line technology is also applicable

Velleman VTEMF

I wrote about EMF measurements and told that for magnetic field measurements I have used Velleman Magnetic Field Detector VTEMF. Velleman describes the product uses: “Detects the harmful electromagnetic fields generated by high voltage cables, computer and television screens, microwave ovens, waterbeds, electric blankets, etc.”. That sounds reasonable. The description continues “Scientists believe that electromagnetic

EMF measurements

An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by moving electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature. EMF measurement