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Will DC Power Distribution Make a Comeback?

The rise of direct current using devices and direct current generation have some rethinking the use of alternating current in the grid. Let’s start from history of electric power transmission: In the late 19th century both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) were both used to power devices like motors and light bulbs. Over


BlueGriffon is an interesting looking Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox (compares to Nvu). BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. It is powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, so document you edit will look exactly the same in Firefox. At first quick tests it

H.264 license issues

Google called the MPEG-LA’s bluff, and won article has one interesting point on H.264 to think about: those H.264 licenses embedded in Windows, OS X, iOS, your ‘professional’ camera, and so on, do not cover commercial use. This means according to article that if you shoot a video with your camera in H.264, upload it

Information on iPhone prototype

What did the iPhone look like before it looked like an iPhone? Appleā€™s popular product looked radically different in the early stages of development (like many other high tech gadgets). Image of the Day: iPhone prototype from 2005 article gives you view of the early iPhone prototypes. Check out the article for interesting photos. That

Samsung Galalaxy S4 teardown

Samsung S III, remains the world’s most popular Android phone, having sold over 40 million units. The new version Samsung Galaxy S IV will be announced soon. Thanks to the leak from some Chinese forum and Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 page we know what to expect. First start with introduction. There is a IDG video

Celebrate Pi Day

Raspberry Pi is just hitting its one-year anniversary on the market according to Celebrate Pi Day With These 9 High-Tech Raspberry Pi Hacks article and already eclipsing a million units sold. According to another article one-year anniversary was it few days go already. Celebrate Pi Day With These 9 High-Tech Raspberry Pi Hacks tells that

Touch screens and charger noise

Why does not my tablet touch screen work when powered with third party mains power supply, but works with the original power supply? This happened to me. The power supplied I had were both for tablets (different tablets) and had similar basic characteristics (same current and voltage ratings). The reason why the other power supply

AC Current Sensor in test

In my previous posting Current sensor for multi core cable is talked about measuring AC current flowing on cable where you don’t get access to individual wires. In that posting I mentioned that I saw Modern Device blog article Current Sensor that seem to be doing exactly that. This sensor is designed for providing an