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Friday Fun: DRM chair

Taking DRM further than it’s gone before. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is something that we often just have to put-up-with in software and digital media files. Obviously DRM is a great tool for companies point of view to make sure we only use software and data as they intended, but outside planned obsolescence, there isn’t

Raspberry Pi’s milestones and operating system

Raspberry Pi has just reached two milestones: turned one year old and reached one million sold. During the first year Raspberry Pi Foundation were able to match the hype it generated. When you buy a Raspberry Pi, the $35 computer doesn’t come with an operating system. Loading your operating system of choice (there are several


FemtoDuino is probably the smallest 328 based Arduino compatible board around. Those things are tiny: foot print is 20.7×15.2mm. They’re an Atmega328 that is arduino compatible. Hands on with the super tiny arudino: FemtoDuino article and this video give you an introduction to those interesting looking small boards. The downside of them is that they

How Complex Systems Fail

Any real-world security system is inherently complex. Making them safe and secure is hard. Controlgeek Blog has an interesting pointer and summary on on a very interesting white paper How Complex Systems Fail. I also found his paper, which is only a few pages long, a fascinating read (like John Huntington and Schneier on Security).

Theremin technology in touchless display

I just saw news in several news sources (check the links on this article to get to them) that STMicroelectronics wants to lure more contracts from the world’s biggest phone-makers with a new trick: touchless screens. The new display is the touch screen, except that it does not touch, but fingers are several centimeters above

Web everywhere

Coming to an e-book or car near you: the Web article tells that World Wide Web Consortium now have groups adapting Web technology for the automotive and publishing industries (traditionally two pretty narrow domains). “The Web equals publishing,” Jaffe said. “There’s really no difference anymore.” Interactivity is part of the reason the automotive industry is