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Arduino Yún has WiFi connectivity and Linux

Arduino platform seems to interest many Internet of Things developers. There are now many Arduino compatible platforms with wireless connectivity as you can see in my New interesting Arduino platforms article and it’s comment. Also Google has done some Arduino based IoT. Arduino launches Yún for WiFi connectivity under Linux article tells that Arduino has

Flex circuits

Flexible printed circuits are useful when the size and shape of your invention is integral to its overall design. Very many consumer electronics gadgets have them inside: in mobile phones, cameras, etc. Tips for Building a Flex Circuit article tells that because of the unique characteristics that set them apart, an electronics engineer must consider

Jolla Sailfish OS smartphone

I have written earlier on new Finnish mobile phone company Jolla at my Two new mobile phone companies from Finland and Mobile trends and predictions for 2013 articles. Jolla announces its first Sailfish OS smartphone which will be available in Europe by the end of 2013. The first Jolla phone: 4.5-inch display, Android app compliant,

Remote control with Dropbox

I some time ago wrote about phatIO file system based USB I/O and this is a continuation to this article. On weekend I successfully tested phatIO Dropbox Integration. The idea is the files on phatIO can be exported to dropbox allowing a cheap way of exporting the phatIO functionality to other computers or other devices

Capturing "light in flight"

Are you interested in seeing how light propagates? Filming light reflecting off objects article tells about a method for capturing “light in flight”. Making videos of light passing through and around objects has been done before, but this system is much cheaper (few hundred dollars) than those earlier systems ($300,000). Light-in-Flight Imaging page on that

Business talk

Many people working in large companies speak business-buzzwords as a second language. Business language is full of pretty meaningless words. I Don’t Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore article tells that the language of internet business models has made the problem even worse. There are several strains of this epidemic: We have forgotten how to

Google Arduino based IoT

At I/O, Google Will Be Tracking Things Like Noise Level And Air Quality With Hundreds Of Arduino-Based Sensors article tells that in the blog post, Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer, outlines his team’s plan to place hundreds of Arduino-based environmental sensors around the conference space to track things like temperature, noise levels, humidity and air

First laser transmitter built 50 years ago

Retrotechtacular: First laser transmitter built 50 years ago article tells about a hack is as cool today as it was fifty years ago. It was an experiment performed May 3rd and 4th, 1963, which involved sending data (audio in this case) over long distances using a laser. The team had to hack together everything for