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Friday Fun: Car key Hack

Your daily commuting can become mundane and boring. Hilarious Car Key Hack Lets You Drive It Like You Stole It article shows how you can easily spice things up with this clever hack that makes it feel like you’ve just jacked someone’s ride. All you need is an old screwdriver—the more worn it is the

The World Wide Web is 20-years old

Image of the Day: The World Wide Web celebrates its 20-year anniversary article tells that April 30, 2013 marks the 20 year anniversary of the World Wide Web. World Wide Web was put into the public domain on April 30, 1993. The World Wide Web was created few years earlier (1989) by British physicist, Tim

Four primary principles of success of Linux

Jim Zemlin at TEDx: What We’ve Learned from Linus Torvalds article tells that Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin was recently invited to speak at TEDx about what the technology industry has learned from Linux, and specifically its creator Linus Torvalds, and how some of those lessons can be applied to a variety of efforts