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Friday fun: Floppy drive music

Star Wars Imperial March Played by Dual Floppy Drives Join the Dark Side, we have floppy disks! Ghostbuster’s Theme on eight floppy drives Somethin strange in your floppy drive. Who you gonna call? Tech support! I ain’t afraid of no DOS. Building a six-channel floppy drive synth from start to finish

Shields are your friend, except when…

Shields are your friend, except when… article tells that engineers just love to put shields on circuits, mostly as a defensive measure against signals on the outside getting into and disturbing our circuits, but they also keep signals inside from getting out and this really makes the folks responsible for EMI compliance happy. Even on

Assembly summer 2013

Assembly Summer 2013 computer festival was held last weekend. Many earlier years I have been actively participating in it (even been on organizers team), but for last few years I have skipped that event (I am getting too old for this?). In assembly Assembly event there has been interesting computer demos on the competitions. Something

Are You Sure This Is the Source Code?

Software freedom is an interesting concept, but being able to study the source code is useless unless you are certain that the binary you are running corresponds to the alleged source code. It should be possible to recreate the exact binary from the source code, but a simple analysis shows that this is very hard

Afraid of hackers?

Are you afraid of hackers? If not yet check out the scariest new tricks at this year’s twin computer crime conferences, Black Hat and Def Con. The top 10 new reasons to be afraid of hackers article tells that it’s traditional for these skilled programmers to unveil their greatest exploits at the conventions, prompting a

HTML5 security issues

HTML5 has opened many new possibilities for developers. Now you can use web technologies to build full mobile applications, not just web pages. When you are building those application you need to know The Security Risks of HTML5 Development, because HTML5 includes a number of useful features that pose as double-edged swords from a security