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Interesting Analog Design Kits

I have read more than year ago (2012) interesting articles about Digilent‘s Analog Discovery Kit. I even quickly tried the WaveForms Software the cames with it (freely available and testable without hardware). It looked interesting, but I decided that maybe I don’t at the moment need this and skipped it (I did not even write

Will IT break the sound barrier?

We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Soz, ‘audiophiles’, only IT will break the sound barrier article is interesting reading on audio design, DSPs and the debunking of traditional hi-fi. It says that today’s loudspeakers are nowhere near as good as they could be, due in no small measure to the presence of “traditional” audiophile products.

IFTTT and your own hardware

When you have a great service like IFTTT that you can interface with many ready available cloud services or commercial hardware, the next idea is how to connect your own device (Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, etc..) to this service. Here are some pointers to ideas how to interface your own hardware to IFTTT: Pushbullet’s IFTTT Channel

DIY Wearable Soldering Iron

I have last year written about USB soldering irons starting with USB soldering iron posting that introduced the idea. I followed with DIY USB soldering iron posting that gave ideas how to make your own instead of buying a ready made product. Now it is time for an updateon this topic. Element 14  Ben Heck