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Cheap USB2.0 video capture

I got a new laptop (Windows 8), but I occasionally needed to capture analogue video. What device to use with it? My older USB capture hardware was not compatible, so I needed a new one. Preferably something cheap. I found USB2.0 Video TV Tuner DVD Audio Capture Card Converter Record Receiver as suitable looking product

Salmiyuck! People tasting popular Finnish salmiakki candy. It’s sweet and very salty taste is strange to many people. Posted from WordPress for Android

Uses for broken Android tablet

Modern smart phones and tables has big glass screens that broke easily. You might have some broken smart phones and/or tablets that might not be worth of screen repair. But would here be still some use for this kind of damaged device? And if there is, then how the tablet could be used when the

2015 Hackaday Prize Competition Begins – IEEE Spectrum Hackaday Prize 2015: In 2015 the Hackaday Community will focus its creative efforts on solving serious issues. The creative energy and years of experience found in our huge community of Hackers, Designers, and Engineers is waiting to be unleashed. Let’s use that potential and move humanity forward. Check the introduction video. Posted from WordPress for