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Celebrate World IoT Day 2015

According to 4.9 Billion Reasons To Celebrate World IoT Day 2015 article April 9th is the 5th annual World IoT Day.  World IoT Day aims to be a worldwide event bringing together Makers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and citizens to discuss, design and develop the emerging Internet of Things. A full calendar of events can be

LED market size

What is the penetration of LED lights at the moment? According to Yole Developpement Research Institute, the LEDs lighting the proportion varies in different countries, usually 10 to 20 percent. LED penetration has depended largely on decisions of the authorities. LED lighting market will grow this year, according to forecasts of more than USD 25

John Oliver hits Snowden hard on NSA leaks

Remember Edward Snowden? I remember, but for many Americans who talked to John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, the answer is no. It’s been almost two years since the world was captivated by Snowden’s leaks to The Guardian and The Washington Post about American surveillance programs. Although the Snowden leaks certainly proved lots of buzz, American surveillance