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Today’s IoT device

This is second iteration of IoT temperature meter. Again based on ESP8266 module, but more compact. Now powered with two AA batteries. Here is view to data. Posted from WordPress for Android

The creation of the modern laptop

Here is some reading if you are interested in computer hardware and how it developed as you see it today. Sebastian Anthony / Ars Technica: How lithium-ion batteries, industrial design and Moore’s law created modern laptops article takes a look at the creation of the modern laptop: An in-depth look at lithium-ion batteries, industrial design,

Impractical energy products flood

Crowdfunding campaigns or wide product announcements that do not make sense pops up every now and then. It seems that energy related “inventions” seems to be getting easily into the spotlight without proven merits: Hackaday article Crowdfunding Follies: Proof That Ohm’s Law Is Arcane Knowledge tells about a special cell phone case Kickstarter (Nikola Phone