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Securing smarter grids

Electrical power distribution networks are getting smarter every way with increased automation within n networks and smart meters at the customer premises. Those new features have many benefits, but they also introduce new vulnerabilities to the system. As smart grids become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks every day, what developments are in place to ensure a

One hacker way

Agile and Scrum have been widely used buzzwords in software development for many years. One Hacker Way, a Rational Alternative to Agile Presented at Reaktor Dev Day 2014 is a brilliant talk on modern software development practices and need to change them. Erik Meijer was a software architect for Microsoft where he headed the Cloud


I have already mentioned that there are several visual programming tools for programming Arduino at my Visual programming for Arduino posting. Now I just read about new ArduBLock tool. ArduBlock is a programming environment designed to make “physical computing with Arduino as easy as drag-and-drop.” Ardublock is marketed as a very convenient way to get people