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Extending Alkaline Battery Life

News beat is drumming heavily on claim that Company Extends Alkaline Battery Life With Voltage Booster. Batteriser is making its media debut, with features in all the tech blogs, an astonishing amount of print outlets, and spouted from the gaping maws of easily impressed rubes the world over: Batteriser is a $2.50 gadget that promises

SDN dreams

Is hardware turning soft? Yes, if you listen to IT vendors. Almost all IT technologies are pushing to direction being “software defined”. Software Defined Networking (SDN) — turning features that were once hardware into apps or part of the networking layer or running as apps on servers. The Register article SDN’s dream: Use what you’ve

ThingSpeak open source IoT service

When building IoT (Internet of Things) applications, the cloud part where all information from sensors is important. There are many cloud services that can collect IoT data, but the fundamental issue here is that the Internet of Things does not have a standard set of open APIs for consumers. Well, there’s ThingSpeak, but it’s not