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Ransomware Is Coming to Medical Devices

Motherboard writes about a new worring secury issue in article Ransomware Is Coming to Medical Devices. It teells that according to a report released recently week by Forrester Research the number one cybersecurity prediction for 2016: “We’ll see ransomware for a medical device or wearable.” Ransomware today is big business. Ransomware takes control of a

Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface

Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface : weekend die-shot blog posting shows what is inside ESP8266 WiFi IoT chip. Die size 2050×2169 µm, half of which is occupied by transceiver and PA, 25% – on-chip memory (rough size estimations are ~300KiB), and the rest is Xtensa LX106 CPU core and other digital logic. Chip has marking ESP8089,