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Qi wireless charging receiver

I started testing Qi wireless smart phone charging some time ago. I have already posted my comments on IKEA lamp with Qi charger and now here are comments on some other products I have tested. The smart phones I had did not have built-in Qui charger electronics, so I has to find a way to

Ikea lamp with Qi charger

Ikea is pushing heavily Here is IKEA LED desk lamp with built in Qi charging. There is LED bulb with button on top for on/off. There is also USB power connector in the front of the base. Here is Qi charger. Small white LED lights up when charger on. It works as promised. Power supply

Why Panic Caused More Deaths than Radiation at Fukushima | Inverse

It’s been four-and-a-half years since Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident. Today, a report in The New York Times notes that, in that time, nobody has died from radiation directly. Nobody’s even been “sickened.” While that seems miraculous, there were, however, 1,600 stress-related deaths in the aftermath of the meltdown Posted from WordPress for Android