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Spanish Banking Group BBVA Just Snapped Up A Finnish Fintech Startup – Fortune

Spanish Banking Group BBVA Just Snapped Up a Finnish Fintech Startup article tells that Spanish banking group BBVA has bought Holvi, a Finnish financial technology startup that provides online banking and financial planning services for small businesses. I had earlier posted information on Holvi at my Banking is Broken? Start-ups try to fix it

LED tube replaces fluorescent

Due real Fluorescent lamp fire danger I have pretty much tried to get rid of potentially dangerous tradtional starters in the fuorescent lamps. So I replaced the starter with electronic safety model – if bulb does not start, it will stay off without heating. Or at least should. I got one Axxel S10 starter that

Celebrate Open Data Day

International Open Data Day: Go Hack on Some Government Data for common good or just for fun of it. Hundreds of different data-hacking events were held around the globe this weekend to celebrate International Open Data Day. It’s the fifth installment of an annual event promoting government data-sharing with a series of loosely joined hackathons.

Processing runs on browser

Processing is a flexible free software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. I have thought that I should test Processing some day because it looks interesting and easy to learn. I finally did sort of testing. Let’s start from basics and history. Processing is an