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BBC micro:bit dev board

Last year BBC introduced Micro:bit development board  Intended to allow children to get creative with technology. The Micro:bit is one of the cornerstones of the BBC’s “Make it Digital” campaign. With Micro:bit BBC tries to get a million preteens into embedded development world as Micro:bit will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child

Friday Fun: iPhone in old painting

Tim Cook discovers iPhone in painting from 1670 article: “At one point Tim rushes over and tells me ‘Come take a look, I found a painting with an iPhone on it!’ So he takes my arm and shows me a Rembrandt with a person seemingly holding an iPhone…” Tim Cook finished the story, saying “I always

Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD. Repeat. Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD • The Register Makes sense to have their own FreeBSD for Azure cloud use. Good addition after their own Linux distribution