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VK: 100mn passes stolen from Russia’s biggest social network The breach was reported by LeakedSource, which has added the 100,544,934 records to its database of 1.8 billion purloined records, and has provided a searchable interface for the data. The question is what went wrong? It seems that the passwords were in clear text, system could be hacked and hack was not detected soon

93% of phishing emails are now ransomware | CSO Online

93% of phishing emails are now ransomware As of the end of March, 93 percent of all phishing emails contained encryption ransomware, according to a new report from anti-phishing vendor. That was up from 56 percent in December, and less than 10 percent every other month of last year. The skyrocketing growth is due to

Special Report: Trusting Robots – IEEE Spectrum Robots are coming to many applications where errors can be dangerous. Can you trust life and death to robotics technology? Is technology ready and are you ready for this?