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Mains connector reuse for DC

Low voltage DC systems need suitable connectors. Different proprietary connectors are available, but usually with them problem is their price and availability. Traditional lighter plug as used in cars is awful in many ways. Some applications use XLR connectors successfully, with the downside that you can accidentally plug mic to such outlet.  One thing I have sometimes seen in Finnish electrical installations

Friday Fun: Get Ready For “Talk Like Silicon Valley” Day The denizens of Silicon Valley have been inventing their own language, one that is often as incomprehensible as pirate-speak outside of the Bay Area. Now there’s a Silicon Valley Dictionary, and it’s growing daily. Examples: Bus Factor: The number of people that need to be hit by a bus before their project is dead. Code Ninja: A

OBS open source TV studio

I posted a quick note on interesting looking OBS Studio software some time ago.  OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. OBS could be described as some kind of combinaton of real time video mixing and video encoding/streaming

Using a supercapacitor for power management and energy storage in IoT–Part-1 The environment has abundant energy but little power. Energy harvesting can tap the environment’s “infinite” source of energy, and avoids the cost of wiring to mains power or replacing of batteries. This article will look at using small solar cells.  Depending on the light level, whether indoors or out, small solar cells may deliver