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Is your encrypted USB drive secure? How can you be sure the “secure” USB drive you’re using is really secure and the data you store on it can’t be extracted? That’s exactly the question Google’s security researchers Ellie Bursztein, Jean-Michel Picod, and Rémi Audebert addressed in their talk, “Attacking encrypted USB keys the hard(ware) way,” at the recent Black Hat

Researchers Embed Malware into DNA to Hack DNA Sequencing Software – IEEE Spectrum This sounds like plot from scifi movie: University of Washington researchers successfully stored malware in synthetic DNA strands, and used it to gain control of the computer analyzing it. Researchers at the University of Washington have shown that by changing a little bit of computer code they can insert malware into a strand of

Tiny AI Devices Invade the Maker Movement It is no secret that AI is among the top growth areas in technology today. Interest Deep Learning has caused an explosion of industry investment into software such as Facebook’s Caffe2 and Google’s TensorFlow frameworks. There is the theme of providing small edge devices with more intelligence has grown stronger. More and more inventive developers and teams seem to

Friday Art: The British Library offers over a million free vintage images for download Need some vintage visual inspiration – or a real antique elements for an illustration, design or motion project? Then check out the British Library’s collection. These centuries-old copyright-free images include everything from from book illustrations to photos – and cover subjects from flowers to cycling and children’s books to maps.

Axell Wireless 3009 tear down Such a repeater has the following main features: Axell 3009D - 900 MHz Software Defined Repeater, 25 dBm composite output power, 82 dB Gain, 12 sub-bands, individual gain and ALC, bandwidth settable by software IP65 rated enclosure. Connectors Inside view

Arduino emulating an 8086 PC (a work in progress, but it’s working) – arduino This looks amazing work in progress:  code to emulate the basics of a typical 1980′s PC (video card, disk controller, input, 8253 timer chip, 8259 interrupt controller, etc), wired up 1 MB of SRAM on the breadboard, and added a 2.8″ 320×240 LCD display. I embedded a public domain XT BIOS in the PROGMEM.

Installing Linux on an Android Phone – RHD Blog For Linux developer, being able to run a Linux distro alongside your pre-existing mobile OS on your android phone is a very enticing offer. Installing Linux on an Android device can help you to turn your simple phone into a highly useful tool for web development, troubleshooting, and various other procedures common in the IT industry. 

How To Use awk In Bash Scripting – nixCraft AWK is a programming language that is designed for processing text-based data, either in files or data streams, or using shell pipes. You can combine awk with shell scripts or directly use at a shell prompt. Awk is an excellent tool for building UNIX/Linux shell scripts. I have successfully used AWK with very many

Hooking Windows events without knowing anything about C/C++ Whenever someone thinks about hooking Microsoft Windows events, one thinks about rootkits, low level C++ code, and Windows API calls. There’s another approach to achieve similar things using just pre-installed Windows tools and without knowing anything about Windows internals. WMI is its name. From the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN): WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is the