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Digital Voltmeter AC 20-500V

I wanted to add an AC voltage meter to my electronics lab variac transformer output (0-275V AC). I decided to get a cheap Machifit AD16-22V 22mm Digital AC Voltmeter AC 20-500V Voltage Meter Gauge Digital Display Indicator with the following Specification: Model AD16-22V Mounting hole 22mm Voltage AC 20-500V Class of safety protection IP65 Color

Physicist Uses Regular Digital Camera to Photograph A Single Atom In 2012, Australian physicists captured the first image of a single atom. The process was painstaking and required a super-high resolution microscope. A new photograph taken by Oxford University physics PhD candidate David Nadlinger using only an ordinary digital camera shows a single, glowing-blue strontium atom hovering within a powerful vacuum chamber. It earned

Build Your Own Touchscreen IC Tester for Just $25 – Hackster’s Blog IC testers help you identify an unknown IC by testing its input and output against a database of known components. You can follow Akshay Baweja’s tutorial to build your own. The total build cost should be around $25, and you’ll need a Arduino Mega 2560, a touchscreen display with an SD card slot, an

Physicist Have Created A New Form Of Light That Can Interact Like Atoms | IFLScience American researchers have been able to create a three-photon bound state that represents a completely new form of light. As reported in Science, the researchers have been looking at complex interactions between photons for years. They obtained a two-photon state in 2013.

Computing at the Edge of IoT – Google Developers – Medium We’ve seen that demand for low latency, offline access, and enhanced machine learning capabilities is fueling a move towards decentralization with more powerful computing devices at the edge. Nevertheless, many distributed applications benefit more from a centralized architecture and the lowest cost hardware powered by MCUs. Let’s examine how hardware choice and use case

High-speed digital: 112 is the new 56 | EDN–112-is-the-new-56 EDN magazine reports that at DesignCon 2018, 112 Gbps was all over the conference and exhibit hall. Even just a year ago, engineers were still talking more about 56 Gbps speeds than 112. This year, all agree that 56 Gbps speeds have been achieved. It’s time to move on. OIF-CEI 4.0, which included clauses

GitHub: Here are the biggest open source project trends we’ll see in 2018 – TechRepublic Cross-platform development, new skills, and deep learning communities are seeing the most growth on GitHub. Developers are also heading to the site to look at deep learning projects as artificial intelligence continues to grow.

The World’s Funniest Joke (According To Science) While comedy is all about making you laugh, the science behind it is serious business. Even for what data shows is the world’s funniest joke.

The Last Of The MPEG-2 Patents Have Expired Just the last of the MPEG-2 patents have now expired few days ago. From the MPEG LA: Please note that the last US patent expired February 13, 2018, and patents remain active in Philippines and Malaysia after that date. This does not mean that the usefulness of the MPEG-2 has ended for technology users.