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Friday Fun: Bad Engineering Jokes

Why was the inductor watching the news? Bad Jokes – Electrical Engineering Edition Two atoms at the bar: I think I lost an electron. Are you sure? I’m positive! What are the favourite footwear of a digital design engineer? Flip flops Why is getting shocked by AC more painful than DC? AC has more Hertz.

Common audio cables

Cables are a critical component of any audio system. There are mainly two types of audio cables available in the market; balanced (two signal wires and a ground wire) and unbalanced (one signal wire and one ground wire). Signals in all types of wires are conveyed by the combination of voltage and current. Reducing analog

Oscilloscope with Arduino tutorials

Oscilloscope and Arduino are tools for modern makers. Here are some videos and articles that combine together Arduino and oscilloscopes: Learn Oscilloscope Basics with an Arduino Uno | AddOhms #28 Using an Oscilloscope and an Arduino Improve your Arduino programming skills – The budget oscilloscope. For more details, read the following articles: Learn Six Oscilloscope

How to scale your website across all mobile devices and some other www tips According to this article the most successful websites are designed with a mobile-first approach. The significant year-over-year growth of online business transactions done via mobile devices has encouraged companies to build websites and e-commerce sites that look, feel, and function identically on computers and smart mobile devices. This article gives ideas how to build

Ig Nobel win for kidney stone removing roller-coaster – BBC News Some science news for this Friday: Riding on some types of roller-coaster is an effective way of removing kidney stones is the conclusion of research that has won this year’s Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine. The Ig Nobels are spoof prizes that recognise achievements that make people laugh but also then think for a

Westermo 3G gateway

This is a teardown of one broken Ethernet to 3G cellular network industrial gateway. There is a miniPCI slots for communications module. It is a commonly used for cellular cards. MiniPCI slot provides both PCI and USB signals. This Option GTM382 cellular module has USB 2.0 host interface (uses AT commands). There there seems to

European MPs vote in favor of controversial copyright laws The EU has voted on copyright reform (again), with members of European Parliament this time voting in favor of the extremely controversial Articles 11 and 13 on new Copyright Directive. As webmaster and content creator I don’t like this decision at all. This is bad for Internet and all users. And I don’t think

Julia Reda – Showdown on upload filters and the link tax on September 12: These are the options in front of MEPs Before the summer, the European Parliament decided to rethink its position on EU copyright reform plans, including upload filters and a “link tax”, after massive protests. Consequently, over 200 individual proposals for changes were filed. MEPs will vote on all of them on Wednesday, September 12. Some background what is happening: The future is

Videos about big audio systems

Here are some interesting videos related to PA and sound reinforcement systems. Wikipedia defines that a public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume (loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. The