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July 1958: Kilby Conceives the Integrated Circuit – IEEE Spectrum In 1958, 11 years after Bell Labs reinvented the transistor, it became clear that semiconductors would be able to conquer the electronics market only if they could be greatly miniaturized. In July1958, Jack S. Kilby of Texas Instruments came up with the monolithic idea. In January 1959, Robert Noyce was to jot in his

WPA3 promises more secure WiFi networking

In January, at CES 2018, Wi-Fi Alliance announced that the WPA2 encryption used to protect Wi-Fi (WI-FI) since 2004 will get a new, more secure WPA3. Now standardization is complete and new devices that support wpa3 technology can be certified. The new protocol provides a number of additional protections for Wi-Fi enabled devices. WPA3 networks

The (Almost) Unstoppable Rise of Finnish Health Tech – Medengine The Finnish health technology field is booming like never before. In 2017, health tech exports broke new records as their value rose more than 5% to over €2.2 billion. The fact that the Finnish health tech field is thriving is hardly new: over the last two decades, the value of health tech export has

Second set of 5G standards ratified | EDN The specifications for the standalone version of 5G New Radio (SA 5G NR) are now set. It represents progress, and it was delivered on schedule. Those who participated in the development of the new standard called it “a major milestone” NSA 5G NR enables wireless network operators to upgrade their 4G networks with advanced

Friday Fun: Dihydrogen monoxide hoax The dihydrogen monoxide hoax involves calling water by the unfamiliar chemical name “dihydrogen monoxide” (DHMO), and listing some of water’s effects in a particularly alarming manner, such as accelerating corrosion and causing suffocation. The hoax often calls for dihydrogen monoxide to be banned, regulated, and labeled as dangerous.

Cheap poor HDMI to USB converter

Here is a story of one cheap HDMI digitizing device. I have wanted to connect devices with HDMI output Open Broadcast Studio video mixer/streaming software running on PC. Usually HDMI to USB adapters are expensive boxes (around $100 or more). But the I saw this really cheap (€16,15 / US$ 18.99) Mini Portable HD USB