Data Center and Cloud

Sonera building a big data center

Telecom operator Sonera rents equipment locations, equipment space and related services in Sonera-managed data centers. Sonera has already a countrywide network of data centers. Sonera is building the biggest open data center in Finland to this location to Pitäjänmäki in Helsinki where they have mined 75 000 cubic meters of rock (4000 truck loads). Sonera

Google data center tour

I have already written several posting on Google data centers, but it does not hurt to post a new one when some new interesting material pops up. Take a virtual tour of Google’s Oregon data center article tells that the GoogleDalles data center in Oregon is open for a digital tour. Google is trying to

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Spotify chooses Google Cloud Platform to power data infrastructure

It’s not every day you move a 75 million+ user company from a home-grown infrastructure to the cloud. But if you use Spotify, more and more of your musical experience will be delivered by Google Cloud Platform over the coming weeks and months Posted from WordPress for Android