Embedded Development

New approaches for embedded development

The idea for this posting started when I read New approaches to dominate in embedded development article. Then I found some ther related articles and here is the result: long article. Embedded devices, or embedded systems, are specialized computer systems that constitute components of larger electromechanical systems with which they interface. The advent of low-cost

VGA signal generation hacks

This is continuation to Interesting VGA hacks hacks posting. Interesting VGA hacks hacks was concentrated on using VGA card for nontraditional uses, this posting on the other hand concentrates on generating VGA signals with other hardware than VGA graphics card. It seems that modern microcontrollers are well suited to display information on analog VGA monitors:

Static and volatile in C

Do you know when and how properly use “static” and “volatile” keywords in C coding? Are you really sure? It is best to check if you are correct and maybe learn some new tricks by reading those two educative articles: Embed with Elliot: the Static Keyword You Don’t Fully Understand Embed with Elliot: The Volatile