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Rio Olympics TV Technologies

I wrote a posting on TV broadcasting in Rio Olympics. This posting continues the same theme giving more technical details and links to where to see what the TV broadcasting technology looks at 2016 Summer Olympics. This blog article is a ombination of information from very many articles that tell on TV broadcasting at Rio

From DMX-512 to ArtNet

Yesterday I posted about DMX-512 dimmer. DMX-512 is a lighting industry standard way of controlling lighting equipment.DMX-512 allows for one controller (like a lighting desk or computer) to control many lights from many manufacturers. DMX-512 fundamentally provides 512 channels of 8-bit resolution (0-255) level control(which constitue a DMX ‘universe’) using serial  RS-485 communications at 250

Four channel DMX-512 light dimmer

I happened to find this AnyTronics 4 channel dimmer thrown out as trash. It looks looks like Anytronics wall mounted dimmer 4 x 10 A that someone has adapted to become rack mounted and moved the DMX-512 address selection switches outside the device. I expected that Anytronics DP410 dimmer pack installation instructions would be about

Eurovision Diary 2016

Eurovision Diary 2016 at  http://m-m-pr.com/index.php/eurovision-diary-2016 is an interesting technical blog how this year’s Eurovision song contest show was built. There were lots of video,lights and other special effects technology in use. And here is a funny bonus video: Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede find out how to create the perfect Eurovision Song Contest songs

360 degree videos craze

Remember when 3D TV was hot some years ago and then interest in it faded. Now we have a new craze: virtual reality glasses and 360 degree video on then. YouTube Developing Live 360-Degree Video Capability as it seeks to extend its lead in virtual reality with live immersive broadcasts. The virtual reality video production