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Legoland technology

Here are some “teardowns” and tech pictures from Legoland. Trains seem to be battery powered, charged on station. Cars seem to be battery powered charged with wires on ground at charging stops. Inside car cases built of Legos there seems  to be normal RC servos and other RC car stuff. How they follow their programmed

BB-8 is real!

BB-8 the new droid in the star wars franchise made his first public appearance at Star Wars Celebration last week. While cast and crew of the movie have long said that BB-8 is real, seeing it up on stage, driving circles around R2D2 takes things to a whole new level. BB-8 is real! But how did

The death knell for optical media: There will be no more Simpsons DVDs – Geek

http://mobile.geek.com/latest/256455-the-death-knell-for-optical-media-there-will-be-no-more-simpsons-dvds?origref=http:%2F%2Flm.facebook.com%2Flsr.php%3Fu%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fbit.ly%252F1ylxQE4%26ext%3D1428782471%26hash%3DAck-vt87YfsLc3UFBn5on9vxwPEwXuRuGqKHGeCeVr8tmw%26_rdr Is this start of the end of DVD? Is future all streaming? Posted from WordPress for Android