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Weather issues

Finnish Meteorological Institute Tesbed is an interesting project that shows weather in Helsinki area in great details. Helsinki Testbed project goals broadly consist of mesoscale weather research, forecast and dispersion models development and verification, demonstration of integration of modern technologies with complete weather observation systems, end-user product development and demonstration and data distribution for public

Christmas lights ideas

Here’s a cool hack to get you in the December holiday mood! Time to set up some Christmas lights, maybe even computer controlled LED lights. First idea to try: Arduino controlled Christmas lights! How about this Gemmy Lightshow LED Christmas Lights Or a Pedal Powered Menorah Other videos: 2012 Christmas Lights Show (GE Color Effects

AudioVisual Helsinki 2013

AudioVisual Helsinki 2013 fair starts tomorrow. International Audio Visual exhibition will bring together the Helsinki Fair Centre from 13 to 15.11.2013 professionals, planners, decision-makers, audio-visual equipment, systems and services to the purchasing companies and educational institutions representatives, event producers and organizers, as well as the major product and service providers, and organizations.

MIDI turned 30

I just noticed that MIDI turned 30 years ago just a short time ago. This 31.25kbd 10-bit, 16-channel network is still very much in use today, 30 years after its official 1.0 specification release in August 1983. I forgot to say “Happy Birthday MIDI” at the right day. The Register had an article series on

Dante and AVB

I have written earlier about USB and Ethernet audio. Audio networking offers key benefits, like a dramatically reduced cable infrastructure, easy audio signal copying and routing, etc.. Control Geek blog has just a new interesting posting related to this topic: Dante, AVB, and a Visit to the AVnu Testing Lab. Dante, AVB, and a Visit

Dimming LED sources

I just happened to find an interesting presentation on light dimming technologies and who they work with LED lighting. Dimming LED sources: what’s working and what still needs fixing is a worth to take a look if you are into LED lighting or light controlling applications. It is a very good overview of the current