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Ingenious Little Thing to Apply Gaffa Tape

http://digg.com/video/if-youre-a-filmmaker-you-need-this-ingenious-little-thing This looks like a cool device. I have used enough many meters of gaffa tape years ago that I know how much this kind of device can potentially help. Making applying gaffa tape over cables easy will speed up system setup, help safety because you would not try to get without taping cables and

“Classic” Live Mic List

There are as many opinions about microphones as there are sound engineers. The people who have worked a long time in the field have experimented with many microphones, but what if you’re just starting out, or you need to mic something you haven’t worked with before? The writer of Control Geek blog decided to develop

Weather issues

Finnish Meteorological Institute Tesbed is an interesting project that shows weather in Helsinki area in great details. Helsinki Testbed project goals broadly consist of mesoscale weather research, forecast and dispersion models development and verification, demonstration of integration of modern technologies with complete weather observation systems, end-user product development and demonstration and data distribution for public

Christmas lights ideas

Here’s a cool hack to get you in the December holiday mood! Time to set up some Christmas lights, maybe even computer controlled LED lights. First idea to try: Arduino controlled Christmas lights! How about this Gemmy Lightshow LED Christmas Lights Or a Pedal Powered Menorah Other videos: 2012 Christmas Lights Show (GE Color Effects