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Teknologia 2015 IoT day 1

Teknologia 2015 fair in Helsinki Finland had lots of IoT products presentes. Here Texas Instruments presented new version of SensorTag and similar tag with WiFi connectivity. The demo had BeagleBone Black card with a shield that connect to Zigbee and Bluetooth radios. The logic from sensors to outputs was programmed with Node-RED. Another interesting topic

Teknologia 2015

Teknologia 2015 (Technology 2015) fair is now at Messukeskus Helsinki Finland. All about industrial electronics: IoT is a hot topic here. I was speak on it here also tomorrow… Here some pictures from this day. Posted from WordPress for Android

Happy Programmer’s Day

I just read that yesterday (September 13) was Happy Programmer’s Day. Programmer’s Day — a recognition day that started in Russia, but has been adopted by many countries. While it is great that there is a day recognizing the contribution of programmers to society. It is celebrated on the 256th day of each year (September 13