Events and Shows

Computex 2015

Computex Taipei 2015 trade show is going on, and you might have seen that mentioned on some IT news. COMPUTEX TAIPEI is ismajor professional ICT trade show, co-organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taipei Computer Association. It is the largest IT tradeshow in Asia. The event is well covered on media.

Mittaus ja testaus 2015 visit

Some notes from Mittaus ja Testaus 2015 fair visit I made today: Mixed signal oscilloscopes were on display from all major manufacturers. Some had oscilloscope, logic analyzer and RF spectrum in same box, all data shown on same time scale and long history buffers. Some scopes had high bandwidth and hardware assisted FFT for spectrum

Mittaus ja testaus 2015

Mittaus ja Testaus (measuring and testing) fair will be held today and tomorrow (27.–28.5.2015) in AEL at Malminkartano Helsinki. The event is intended for automation and electronics industry, electric power, computer and telecommunication equipment for measurement, testing and maintenance professionals. There will be lecture related to technology to generate electricity from sunlight on both days.

Happy hacking Day and ESP8266

Happy Hacking Day is non-commercial free tech-event for people, communities and companies. it provides visibility for the topics and projects which prefers free software and open source options. Let’s change the world a bit. Happy Hacking! The next event is held this week 8.-9.05.2015 in Helsinki, Finland. This time they have something that could be of

Celebrate World IoT Day 2015

According to 4.9 Billion Reasons To Celebrate World IoT Day 2015 article April 9th is the 5th annual World IoT Day.  World IoT Day aims to be a worldwide event bringing together Makers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and citizens to discuss, design and develop the emerging Internet of Things. A full calendar of events can be

Pi Day 3-14-15

It is time (2015-03-14) for Makers, DIY-ers and geeks of all stripes to celebrate Pi Day. Now Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics (value approximately 3.14159.) Pi Day was originally conceived at San Francisco’s Exploratorium science museum back in the