Hardware hacks

Uses for broken Android tablet

Modern smart phones and tables has big glass screens that broke easily. You might have some broken smart phones and/or tablets that might not be worth of screen repair. But would here be still some use for this kind of damaged device? And if there is, then how the tablet could be used when the

The UNO Overdrive

What do you do when your micro-controller project runs out of horsepower? Well you increase the power in a way or another, like increasing clock speed (maybe up to over-clocking) or change to a faster processor family. What to do when your Arduino Uno isn’t fast enough? The UNO Overdrive article shows The Uno/Dumilanove Overdrive,

RTL-SDR receives Bluetooth LE

  Sniffing and Decoding NRF24L01+ and Bluetooth LE Packets For Under $30 article points to an interesting hack: able to decode NRF24L01+ and Bluetooth Low Energy protocols using RTL-SDR (=a cheap USB digital TV tuner based digital radio). So cheap practicality anyone can obtain the equipment quickly. Some special hacking was needed because there are

Your Mouse Is A Terrible Webcam

Did you know that your optical mouse contains a very tiny, very low resolution camera? Your Mouse Is A Terrible Webcam article tells how to turn that tiny optical sensor into a webcam. Logitech RX 250 has an ADNS-5020 optical sensor (15×15 pixel grayscale image sensor) with SPI interface. The project uses Arduino, Ethernet shield,

Computer control of Automated Mains Sockets

Safe Automated Mains Sockets page describes how to turn mains powered appliances on and off under computer control without risking killing yourself. It describes how to use a Raspberry PI computer to control three mains sockets. Audacity was used to capture the codes from the original RF remote, and the captured codes were sent to