Off topic fun

Iron Sky Theatrical Trailer

Iron Sky is a science-fiction comedy film from the makers of small funny budget science-fiction comedy Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005). Production of Iron Sky began in early 2006. I have met the film makers (they are from Finland) at Assembly computer festival when they talked about their forthcoming production some years ago. The

Arduino-powered glove

Carnegie Mellon HCI students bring your favorite action hero sound effects to life. Arduino-powered glove brings real sound effects to your make believe gun show article tells that a team from Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction course have built a glove that does some interesting tricks. AHRG: Augmented Hyper-Reality Glove video gives you the idea how

Holiday videos

Finish IT magazine Tietoviikko has a nice selection of Christmas videos for developers in the Kehittäjän kanavan jouluvideoerikoinen article. Take a look at those videos (you don’t need to understand the Finnish text on the article to enjoy them). Happy holidays.

25,000 Angry Christmas Lights

What do you get when you take Angry Birds and Christmas lights? 25,000 Angry Christmas Lights video shows that you get 25,000 Christmas lights pumping to the Angry Bird Theme song covered by Pomplamoose. The video description tells that the lights don’t actually go on until after Thanksgiving. This video is shot at a middle

Write only memory

Write-only memory has been one of the best practical jokes on the electronics industry field. Write-only memory (WOM) is the antithesis of read-only memory (ROM). By definition, a WOM is a memory device which can be written but never read. The WOM concept is most often used as a joke or a euphemism for a

Stupid Robots

Ever worry that robots are getting a little too smart? Thankfully, some people are dedicated to keeping our metal friends dumb. Bacarobo, the Stupid Robot Championship, is a showcase for just such robots. The contest originated in Japan (running in 2007 and 2008) before moving to Hungary in 2010. The competition has three main rules: