Off topic fun

MIT Huge Tetris Hack

I have earlier written about a tiny Tetris. Not is time for a big Tetris. At MIT, fun is accomplished with architecture. Hackers turn MIT Building into Tetris Game. MIT hackers have, for some time now, considered playing “Tetris on the Green Building” to be the mother of all MIT hacks because “the side of

Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you

Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you article tells that 35 years ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars was about to hit theaters on May 25, 1977… Fast forward and fans have unofficially dubbed May 4 as Star Wars Day, terming “May the 4th be with you” as its slogan

iPad Magic

Friday special video. Farewell to boring Power Point slide shows, now come iPad magicians! The City of Stockholm surprised with an iPad show. New iPad Act – Stockholm with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales. New iPad magic. On behalf of Stockholm — The Capital of Scandinavia and Step2 Communication. Performed at MIPIM in Cannes by

Messy desks at work and home

Is your working desk clean or messy? Do you have a home laboratory and how messy it it? Computer History Museum honors Jim Williams and Bob Pease tells that some messy engineering working desks end up in Computer History Museum as exhibit. Both work of Bob Pease and Jim William have been a source of

The EE Rap

The EE Rap is music on electronics. When I first opened I thought this going “this is gonna be awful”. I was pleasantly surprised. Lyrics is all about electronics engineering.

Iron Sky Theatrical Trailer

Iron Sky is a science-fiction comedy film from the makers of small funny budget science-fiction comedy Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005). Production of Iron Sky began in early 2006. I have met the film makers (they are from Finland) at Assembly computer festival when they talked about their forthcoming production some years ago. The