Off topic fun

25,000 Angry Christmas Lights

What do you get when you take Angry Birds and Christmas lights? 25,000 Angry Christmas Lights video shows that you get 25,000 Christmas lights pumping to the Angry Bird Theme song covered by Pomplamoose. The video description tells that the lights don’t actually go on until after Thanksgiving. This video is shot at a middle

Write only memory

Write-only memory has been one of the best practical jokes on the electronics industry field. Write-only memory (WOM) is the antithesis of read-only memory (ROM). By definition, a WOM is a memory device which can be written but never read. The WOM concept is most often used as a joke or a euphemism for a

Stupid Robots

Ever worry that robots are getting a little too smart? Thankfully, some people are dedicated to keeping our metal friends dumb. Bacarobo, the Stupid Robot Championship, is a showcase for just such robots. The contest originated in Japan (running in 2007 and 2008) before moving to Hungary in 2010. The competition has three main rules:

Open Spark Project

See Girl Talk, Lady Gaga Performed on Tesla Coils article tells about Open Spark Project that plays music with Tesla coils. Watch the videos. Tesla Orchestra performing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”:

555 AM radio

I have earlier written about 555 timer design contest. The contest is over and winning circuits have been found. Here is one very interesting contest entry (got second place in Minimalist category): AM radio receiver built around 555 timer IC. Look at the following video that presents the circuit.

Fractals without a Computer!

A fractal is a figure with a self-similar pattern. Usually the fractals are calculated with a computer, but is is possible to produce Fractals without a Computer! It’s very cool – partly because it looks neat, but also partly because it shows you something important about fractals. Optical video feedback is a well-known phenomenon. If