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Happy hacking Day and ESP8266

Happy Hacking Day is non-commercial free tech-event for people, communities and companies. it provides visibility for the topics and projects which prefers free software and open source options. Let’s change the world a bit. Happy Hacking! The next event is held this week 8.-9.05.2015 in Helsinki, Finland. This time they have something that could be of

30 years of GNU Manifesto

The GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty page tells that it was March, 1985 when Richard M. Stallman published the GNU Manifesto in Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Software Tools. The GNU Manifesto is characteristic of its author—deceptively simple, lucid, explicitly left-leaning, and entirely uncompromising. Perhaps the most significant innovation in the GNU Manifesto is a method of

Linux 4.0 is coming

Linus Torvalds has decided to make the next kernel version Linux 4.0 rather than Linux 3.20. Linux 4.0 is going to bring many big improvements besides the version bump with there being live kernel patching. Linus tagged the Linux 4.0-rc1 kernel just moments ago. Linux kernel live patching is an interesting feature, which allows kernel patches

Hack language

It seems that almost every big IT company needs to have their own programming language nowadays. It seems that every few months someone announces a new fad language, despite most of them them rarely bringing anything new to the table, or the new things they do bring not being significant enough to warrant switching from


Ex-Amazon Engineer Builds Library for World’s Software Code article mentions and interesting service: Runnable. Companies like Amazon and Google try to share their code with every other engineer at the company. The idea is to ensure that they never build the same thing twice. This kind of practices have created a huge discovery problem to

VLC media player version 2.1

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player. A new version of VLC media player has releases a short time ago. VLC is 2.1 (codenamed “Ricewind”) is a major upgrade because it includes a new audio core, hardware decoding and encoding, port to mobile platforms, preparation for 4K Ultra-HD video and support for