Function generator kit

A function generator is usually a piece of electronic test equipment or software used to generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies. Some of the most common waveforms produced by the function generator are the sine, square, triangular and sawtooth shapes. Function generators are used in the development, test and repair

Cell phone charger

I have used some for time Barkan PB22B 2200mah Portable Charger Black to charge my smart Samsung S4 mini phone. I had some issues first that the charging was not reliable with my phone (worked well with some other devices). I decided to look what was wrong with USB Power Current Voltage Tester, and with

Sonoff IoT swich

DIY Wi-Fi Wireless Switch For Smart Home With ABS Shell Socket Remote Control Switch Module is an IoT home automation device. This device, also known as Sonoff from ITEAD, can control 110V to 230V AC mains power on/off (up to 7A or 10A depending on document). The switch is controlled with mobile app (or local

Tube preamp kit FE-6J1-2.0B

A valve amplifier or tube amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that uses vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude or power of a signal. In audio applications, valves continue to be highly desired by most professional users, particularly in recording studios’ equipment and guitar amplifiers. Among stereo enthusiasts, there is a subgroup of audio

SilverCrest SWS-A1 IoT power outlet

SilverCrest SWS-A1 is an IoT controlled electrical outlet device sold by Lidl.  It connects to home Wifi network and that can be controlled with smartphone app anywhere where you have Internet connection. Silvercrest app allows to control the electrical outlet on and off (ON is meaning contact the power between electrical appliance and power supply.

Qi charger board analysis

I have written several postings on Qi wireless power. To get a good idea how Qi really works, I bought cheap bare Qi charger board Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board + Coil Charging (costs only slightly over two Euros / USD).Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board + Coil Charging kit consists ofQi Wireless Charger

Tiny Drones

Latest-generation drones now cost around $1,000, if not more. Or how about … $10? Seriously! Teardown: A tiny drone and its controller article tells about Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter that can be picked for around $10. I picked one at slightly higher price (around €15) from Banggood or DX, to get the idea of today’s drones. I

Perf+ prototyping board

Stripboard is the generic name (also known as Veroboard) for a widely used type of electronics prototyping board characterized by a 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) regular (rectangular) grid of holes, with wide parallel strips of copper cladding running in one direction all the way across one side of the board. Stripboard is available from many vendors. Stripboards

Smart phone lens set

Smart phone cameras are useful in many ways. Smartphone cameras are great, or at least close enough to great that you don’t notice the difference in many cases to traditional camera.Compared to a DSLR, smart phone cameras are still pretty lame. But the camera in your pocket is crazy good considering the limitations manufacturers work

Power supply module tested

I needed a new small power supply for my electronics project table. I was checking several options for a lab power supplies, but when I saw DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Adjustable Module With LCD Display With Housing Case I decided that I could use it to build easily the power supply I need. In