Science news

Quantum Photonics News

Two interesting recent news related to quantum photonics: Quantum Photonics article tells that Researchers from Nanjing University, Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices, and Southeast University, Nanjing, in China have demonstrated the creation of entangled photons and their manipulation on a single chip.  The researchers used lithium niobate (LN) as the material for the chip.

New camera science and technologies

There has been lately some interesting science new and product articles on special camera technologies: World’s Fastest Camera Takes 4.4 TRILLION Frames Per Second: Researchers in Japan have developed a motion picture camera that can take 4.4 trillion frames per second. The work was published in Nature Photonics. They call their technique “sequentially timed all-optical

The Turing Test was not passed!

Last weekend’s news in the tech world was flooded with a “story” about how a “chatbot” passed the Turing Test for “the first time”: Many media outlets were reporting that a computer programme pretending to be a 13-year-old boy from the Ukraine passed the Turing test for artificial intelligence on Saturday. The problem is that