Science news

Mars rover

NASA’s expensive Mars exploration Curiosity rover is finally doing what it was created to do: rove. Following a successful wheel test, the probe moved forward. Photo Gallery: Curiosity Rover Makes First Tracks on Mars article tells that Curiosity beamed back some incredible images of its tracks, which tell scientists that the soil is firm, great

Linus Torvalds wins Tech’s ‘Nobel’

Linus Torvalds Splits Tech’s ‘Nobel’ With Stem Cell Pioneer. What do Linux and stem cell research have in common? Answer: They’re both considered “life-enhancing technical innovations” by the Technology Acadamy Finland, a foundation that is awarding a prestigious award called the Millennium Technology Prize in Helsinki yesterday. Linux creator Linus Torvalds (King of Geeks) and

New camera technology: See around corners

When I was a kid, there was a periscope you could make out of a cardboard tube and two small hand mirrors to see around corners. Now there’s a video camera system that can do the same. Camera Can See Around Corners and Femtosecond Camera Sees Around Corners articles tell that Scientists at the Massachusetts

Commercial Quantum Computer?

Quantum computers could revolutionize the way we tackle problems that stump even the best classical computers. Single atom transistor recently introduced has been seen as a tool that could lead the way to building a quantum computer. For general introduction how quantum computer work, read A tale of two qubits: how quantum computers work article.

Wearable Fabric Could Power Your iPhone?

Wearable Fabric Could Power Your iPhone and Power Felt gives a charge articles tell that a lightweight, flexible thermoelectric fabric called Power Felt could generate enough electricity from body heat to power a small electronic device, like an iPod, or iPhone. The Power Felt fabric, composed of carbon nanotube/polymer thin films, was developed by a

Human reaction to radiowaves

Humans seem to be more sensitive to be more sensitive to weak very high frequency field than what I have believed. According to research presented in academic dissertationSpontaneous movements of hands in gradients of weak VHF electromagnetic fields concludes that spontaneous hand movement reactions occurred as a response of the human body to the gradients

Single atom transistor

Physicists Create a Working Transistor From a Single Atom and Transistor Made Using a Single Atom May Help Beat Moore’s Law articles tells that Australian and American scientists have taken a first early step toward creating a working transistor using a single phosphorus atom. The atom was etched into a silicon bed with “gates” to

Display in contact lens

Enhancing contact lenses with electronics seems to be a topic that has gained research interest. Smart contact lenses for health and head-up displays article the litany of research projects underway in the field of contact lens enhancement. Sensimed has already contact lens with surface-mounted strain gauge to assess glaucoma risk. Those medical measuring lenses have

Infrasound experiments

John’s Entertainment Technology Blog has an interesting series of postings related infra-sound (sounds lower in frequency you can hear): Gravesend Inn-frasound: Subsonic Show Business article says that 19Hz standing air wave may under certain conditions create sensory phenomena suggestive of a ghost. Gravesend Inn-frasound: The Experiment tells about a psychological experiment made on the effects