Qi receiver teardown

I have previously tested Qi wireless charging receiver model Universal Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Kit For Micro USB Cellphone.This Universal Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Kit For Micro USB Cellphone a about a size of a credit card and ultra-thin in design. It is designed so that it could be installed inside cell phone – or it

Hq Power adjustable PSU

Here is teardown of one failed power supply. What is inside Two 6.8 uF 400V capacitors had failed and burned the mains fuse. Good design that it was well protected. But again the failure was bad electrolytic capacitors. This device was not worth to repair.

Touch dimmer tear-down

This is a tear-down of one TT6061A based touch dimmer that could not handle touch and failed (static electricity killed it). This dimmer module manufactured by Eaglerise was found inside a desk lamp. Inside view The construction inside looks pretty OK. There is a proper normal fuse there (tiny ceramic fuse) and also over-temperature protection

Bad safety starter

In my earier posting LED tube replaces fluorescent I wrote that due real Fluorescent lamp fire danger I have pretty much tried to get rid of potentially dangerous tradtional starters in the fuorescent lamps. So I replaced the starter with electronic safety model – if bulb does not start, it will stay off without heating.

MS8209 teardown and repair

Mastech MS8209 is real multimeter that can measure almost anything. I have written some comments on Mastech MS8209 years ago. Some technical data on the back of the multimeter. The things I liked: – practically all the necessary multimeter measurements including frequency and capacitance measurements – good mechanical consruction, convient size and durable – the

Usb to ps2 adapter fail

I bought usb to ps2 keyboard plus mouse adapter “USB Male to PS2 Female Cable Adapter Converter Use For Keyboard Mouse” from Banggood to connect some older hardware (especially on old bar code reader with PS/2 keyboard interface) to new computer. This particular USB Male to PS2 Female Cable Adapter Converter Use For Keyboard Mouse was

Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface

Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface : weekend die-shot blog posting shows what is inside ESP8266 WiFi IoT chip. Die size 2050×2169 µm, half of which is occupied by transceiver and PA, 25% – on-chip memory (rough size estimations are ~300KiB), and the rest is Xtensa LX106 CPU core and other digital logic. Chip has marking ESP8089,