Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface

Espressif ESP8266 WiFi-serial interface : weekend die-shot blog posting shows what is inside ESP8266 WiFi IoT chip. Die size 2050×2169 µm, half of which is occupied by transceiver and PA, 25% – on-chip memory (rough size estimations are ~300KiB), and the rest is Xtensa LX106 CPU core and other digital logic. Chip has marking ESP8089,

WeMo Introduction and Teardown

Belkin’s WeMo is a lot of talked about IoT product for home automation. Belkin’s WeMo Switch smart power plug is one of our favorite smart-home devices because it provides such a low-risk home automation entry point. After you associate a WeMo device with your wireless network via an Android or iOS application, you’re subsequently able

Opamp IC teardown

The 741 op amp is one of the most famous and popular ICs in 1968.It is arguably the canonical op-amp. A Peek Under the Hood of the 741 Op-Amp article takes a look what is inside of this famous IC case. Understanding silicon circuits: inside the ubiquitous 741 op amp article has more pictures and

Usb memory stick teardown

Old usb memory What is inside? On this side USB controller on the left next to USB connector and flash memory on the right. And on the other side… There seems to be crystal and some regulator. The switch is for normal read-write mode or read-only mode selection. Posted from WordPress for Android

RCD teardown

This is a teardown of 230V 16A AC RCD/GFCI based on CL4145 IC. The control IC senses fault current with differential current transformer and drives solenoid that keeps output contacts closed when everything is ok. Posted from WordPress for Android

How to Buy a Multimeter

Are you planning to buy a multimeter and need help? Here are some timps How to Buy a Multimeter covers what you need to know to select a meter for DIY electronics. It focuses on the needs for audio electronics, but it’s purposely kept general in nature. Handheld Digital Multimeters are mainly used to measure

Car USB charger teardown

Here is a teardown of a cheap car USB charger (few us dollars). It worked well for years, but started to be unreliable one day. So I had to take a look what is inside: The issue seemed to be bad ground/- connection. A little bit of soldering could fix this.. Posted from WordPress for

PLC teardown

PLCs have a long and storied history, with Allen-Bradley itself coining the term “programmable logic controller” in 1971 when it introduced its version of what was then called the “programmable controller.” For anyone who cut their teeth on ladder logic can testify, PLCs at the time were an elegantly simple solution to an age-old problem:

Legoland technology

Here are some “teardowns” and tech pictures from Legoland. Trains seem to be battery powered, charged on station. Cars seem to be battery powered charged with wires on ground at charging stops. Inside car cases built of Legos there seems  to be normal RC servos and other RC car stuff. How they follow their programmed

Are electronic locks safe?

Lock picking is the craft of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. It has been done to many mechanical locks if you know what to do, but what about electronic locks? Are they safe from lock picking? Teardown: An Electronic Master Lock article presents