Interesting Analog Design Kits

I have read more than year ago (2012) interesting articles about Digilent‘s Analog Discovery Kit. I even quickly tried the WaveForms Software the cames with it (freely available and testable without hardware). It looked interesting, but I decided that maybe I don’t at the moment need this and skipped it (I did not even write

DIY Wearable Soldering Iron

I have last year written about USB soldering irons starting with USB soldering iron posting that introduced the idea. I followed with DIY USB soldering iron posting that gave ideas how to make your own instead of buying a ready made product. Now it is time for an updateon this topic. Element 14  Ben Heck

HT-USBee AxPro review

I found a cheap mixed signal oscilloscope product: HT-USBee AxPro. This HT-USBee AxPro is a said to be 8 Channel Logic Analyzer Oscilloscope Compatible USBee AX Pro I2C IIC SPI CAN Debugger. It features Oscilloscope Input (single channel, 16Msps, 3MHz bandwidth) and 8-CH Logic Analyzer. With suitable software it can be used as Data Recorder,


I mentioned Fritzing two years ago and now I find coming back to use this software. Fritzing is an open source software initiative that was to support designers and artists ready to move from physical prototyping to actual product. Today Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative that makes electronics accessible as a creative material for

RC filter design tools

When I was designing the measurement circuit used in my How to measure smartphone power usage posting, I needed to design a RC low pass filter to it. I could have picked an electronics book and formulas in it, but instead of manual calculation I used Google to find a tool for that on-line. There

3.3V / 5V Power Module for Breadboard

Some time ago I wanted an easy way to power logic circuits on breadboard (both 5V and 3.3v circuit as needed). The product 121305 3.3V / 5V Power Module for Breadboard – Deep Blue seemed to fit the needs pretty well at few dollars (around $3.5). It takes 6.5~12V DC input voltage and outputs regulated

Wire ferrule crimping tools

Wire Ferrules (sometimes called Cord End Sleeves) allow the easy and reliable connection of flexible leads to screw terminals. Ferrules are the preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning the wire end (tinned ends should not be terminated in compression clamps). Industrial best practice is to NOT tin wires that are to be terminated