3.3V / 5V Power Module for Breadboard

Some time ago I wanted an easy way to power logic circuits on breadboard (both 5V and 3.3v circuit as needed). The product 121305 3.3V / 5V Power Module for Breadboard – Deep Blue seemed to fit the needs pretty well at few dollars (around $3.5). It takes 6.5~12V DC input voltage and outputs regulated

Wire ferrule crimping tools

Wire Ferrules (sometimes called Cord End Sleeves) allow the easy and reliable connection of flexible leads to screw terminals. Ferrules are the preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning the wire end (tinned ends should not be terminated in compression clamps). Industrial best practice is to NOT tin wires that are to be terminated

Cheap USB microscope on test

When electronics gets smaller and smaller, you first need a magnifier and sometimes a microscope. There are cheap small microscopes like one I used in my DIY fiber optic microscope article. The downside of traditional microscopes and those cheap small pocket microscopes is that you have to stay curved over the target sample to use

11 Inexpensive Portable Test Tools

EE Times has a worth to check out article 11 Inexpensive Portable Test Tools. From wrist watch to pocket-sized device, inexpensive portable test and measurement tools have captured the imagination in year 2013 as never before. Even though small doesn’t always mean less powerful, the aphorism “you get what you pay for” still holds true.

A better way to use datasheets?

A better way to use datasheets than old-fashioned paper and pdf documents lying around? Hack Your Datasheets Using article tells about a new service to view, snip, annotate and share information from millions of datasheets with engineers around the world. Take a look the introduction video: The biggest feature the service brings

XVI32 freeware hex editor

When I need to view and sometimes edit binary files I typically use XVI32 software for it. XVI32 is a freeware hex editor running under Windows. It has data inspector to view decoded numbers and has a built-in script interpreter. XVI32 is a portable application, i.e. no setup program is needed, you can run XVI32

USB Power Current Voltage Tester

How could I measure the normal power consumption of my USB gadgets? How can I measure how much current a smart phone charging takes from USB port? A special built USB measurement adapter for multimeter or USB current/voltage meter can answer to to those questions (and sometimes you get some information from device manager USB

DIY USB soldering iron

I just yesterday wrote about commercially make USB soldering iron product. But how building a DIY USB soldering iron? USB Soldering Iron article shows how to convert an inexpensive battery powered Soldering Iron into a slick USB powered soldering iron. The conversion idea is to cut USB cable and wire it to the battery contacts

USB soldering iron

Powering all kind of gadgets from USB power has become very popular nowadays. Soldering from USB power? Now there are products for this. The question is that how useful they are because of the limited power available from USB port (just few watts). The maximum power you can get from normal USB 2.0 port is