Trends and predictions

Patent battles

I have been following news around patents lately. I have followed what happens on patent field because I am an inventor that has made some patents and being referenced on some other. The patent situation seem to be quite insane right now, especially on smartphone field. I can agree the comment Patent law is a

The Internet Map

The Internet Map is an interesting web page. It represents over 350,000 websites from 196 countries and he map displays over 2 million site links based on topical similarities. Each site is represented by a circle, with size depending on the amount of traffic, and the space between each is determined by frequency, or strength,

Ethernet trends

Without Ethernet our networked world would cease to exist. It’s the ubiquitous standard for local area networks. The internet is probably Ethernet’s greatest triumph. Practically every server that delivers content to the internet is networked via Ethernet. Without Ethernet development the internet will choke. Society is moving to a new level of interconnectedness that’s built

Post HDTV resolution era

Television technology is developing rapidly. Consumers are just gaining access to the 3D TVs when the next disaster is already on the way. Maybe the next revolution is Super Resolution HD-TV. It seem stat we are entering post-fullHDTV resolution (1920×1080) era. Just few years ago full HD was considered the ultimate resolution that everybody were

New camera technologies: vision

I earlier write about new camera technologies concentrating on light field photography. There are many other new camera technologies that deserve to be mentioned. Is ‘vision’ the next-gen must-have user interface? article tells that IMS Research issued recently a press release questioning if Apple and the iPad are falling behind competitors in user interface technologies.