Trends and predictions

New camera technologies: vision

I earlier write about new camera technologies concentrating on light field photography. There are many other new camera technologies that deserve to be mentioned. Is ‘vision’ the next-gen must-have user interface? article tells that IMS Research issued recently a press release questioning if Apple and the iPad are falling behind competitors in user interface technologies.

Computer technologies for 2012

ARM processor becomes more and more popular during year 2012. Power and Integration—ARM Making More Inroads into More Designs. It’s about power—low power; almost no power. A huge and burgeoning market is opening for devices that are handheld and mobile, have rich graphics, deliver 32-bit multicore compute power, include Wi-Fi, web and often 4G connectivity,

Electronics technologies for 2012

Product engineering organizations face the incredible challenge of ever shrinking market windows for innovation in 2012. Due to globalization, increasing competition and rapidly changing technology, there are many risks and uncertainties facing the new product development path. These opportunities if missed, can lead to huge costs and overwhelming complexity that can compromise quality and lead